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Tools of the Trade

· Ashlynne Ray

There's nothing an artist needs more than the proper tools.

To perfect the art of our hand-knotted Nepalese carpet creation, we use eight beautiful tools in the finishing process.

Traditional Large-Sized Scissors (Khapsi)

Once removed from the loom, the whole carpet surface is sheared by the Khapsi to ensure a smooth and even surface texture.

Needle (Siyo)

The Siyo is used to bind the edges of the carpet.

Hook (Aksi) 

The Aksi is used to correct any mistakes in the weaving.

Wooden Hammer (Thua)

The main purpose of the Thua is for hammering down the rows during weaving. However, it is also used in finishing to make the fabric behind the carpet settle nicely.

Tweezers (Chimti)

The Chitmi is used to pick out any stray yarn filaments.

Repairing Needle (Siyo)

The Repairing Siyo is used to repair any imperfect parts of the design.

Comb (Karoni)

The Karoni is pulled across the rug to soften it by removing lint.

Scissors (Kaichi)

Large Khapsi

The Kaichi are used to sculpt the patterns and shear the whole rug.

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