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The DreamWeavers Program

· Ashlynne Ray

The DreamWeavers Program aims to empower marginalised women by training them in the art of carpet weaving. Sarawagi runs this program in association with local organisations working to rescue and rehabilitate women who have been victims of bonded labor, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse.

The trainees are brought to Kathmandu for an orientation program followed by six weeks of rigorous training in hand-knotted carpet weaving.

They live and work together in our DreamWeavers centre- an inspiring space that encourages creativity.

We have conducted workshops for the trainees in Self Defense, Health and Hygiene, and Breast Cancer Awareness.   

At the end of the program we conduct a Commencement Ceremony; the women receive certificates that they can use to find work at any carpet factory in Nepal. Should they choose to work with us, we hire them for a minimum of one year.

By the end of the program, the women become confident individuals and are empowered with the resolve to better their lives and the lives of their families.

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