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Warmth, colour, skill, beauty 

· Emma de l'Ecluse

As a textile designer, travel is one of the most enriching experiences one can have. Each region has its specific know-hows and traditions, especially in the textile field.

My quest is to seek relentlessly the best way of interpreting traditional techniques in a new and innovative perspective.

Working on a collection with Sarawagi Rugs in Nepal, was at first an opportunity for me to exchange skills, learn new methods and create something beautiful, but I ended up gaining so much more ! While being completely involved in the manufacturing process, I was able to follow, step-by-step, the different stages of this collection and take into consideration the challenges of execution in order to translate my designs. Communication, Trust and Sharing - sum up in three words this unique adventure.

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Communication, Trust and Sharing - sum up in three words this unique adventure.

When I first visited the different workshops (Dyeing, Hand Knotting, Hand Loom and Tufted facilities) many ideas came to my mind. .


The weavers really have gold in their hands! I was impressed to see how quickly and naturally they executed their gestures. They looked like musicians playing the harp! The final melody enhances this love for the matter and the notes of colour are accurately transmitted.

Weaver Ratna Magar showing Emma how to weave

Language could have been a barrier, however, these same hands became my way of communicating with the talented craftsmen. Hands will always be the best tool a man can have.

Each time I am in a new place I feel the urge to draw and paint.Travelling through colours is a fabulous way to discover the atmosphere, the local culture and the genuine soul of a country.

Emma painting her heart out with the Boudhanath Stupa in the background

In Nepal my five senses were continuously stimulated. Dyeing, choosing the yarns, weaving, but also eating with my hands the delicious spicy food, all this made me discover new senses of touch, smell and colours

Living in Kathmandu for three months was an outstanding experience. Winter can be cold at times but the hearty welcome of the Sarawagi team was enough to warm me up. I hope to share this warmth, colour, skill and beauty through this collection with you.