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Recycling in the Nepali context

· Meetum Bantawa Rai

Howdy people. Namaste. I am Meetum Bantawa Rai, Office Assistant at Sarawagi.

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I’m writing this blog in the hope to stir up some conversation, because I need your advice.

I’m spearheading a Reduce-Reuse-Recycle initiative at Sarawagi. It’s simple actually, this is a creative business. We make some really gorgeous rugs and we work with colors, graphs and designs everyday. So when people walk into the office they should feel inspired. To me nothing is more inspiring than recycling.

As a simple example my coworker started using used graphs and making envelopes out of them. Pretty simple right, and waste reduction 101. And we do the usual, avoiding printing if we don’t need to, printing both sides, etc.

So my question to you, especially to people in Nepal, what is recycling in the Nepali context?

How can I reduce waste and recycle office stuff and reuse them for functional as well as decorative purposes??? Wastes from my office would include paper ,old newspapers, cardboard boxes, used FEDEX bags, plastic bags you know, the usual. I would also be interested in waste we can bring from outside and put them to productive use.

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As you know we don’t use paper cups, cans or bottled water in Nepal. We don’t have recycle bins here or any kind of segregation of bio degradable stuff. Or do we and I and others around me are not aware of such programs? So how does one recycle in a Nepali office?

Thank you in advance.